About us

"if you know, you know"

StudioX LA is a vintage inspired brand based in LosAngeles, California. We provide select accessories and headwear. Everything at StudioX LAwill be handmade, please respect 7-14 working days when itcomes to purchasing. At StudioX LA, we’re here to provide the latest, unique,vintage inspired accessories and headwear. 

Pearl necklace 

The inspiration behind the pearl necklace is from the early 80's fashion. At StudioX LA, we provide variety of different charms for the pearl necklace, customers have 100% freedom to pick what they want on it.

Custom hats

The concept for custom hat is that every hat is made with differnt material, either vintage patches, pearls, or Swarovski crystals. All the hats are exclusively made by us, not mass produced.

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